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De brug geert mak

Politicians hate the fresh wind.
The police have even developed a special form for citizens to cadeaukaart media markt file complaints against Wilders.When members of the government generously offered to include Wilders' party as a junior partner in the coalition government, he told them defiantly to their faces that they reminded him of a rundown old car, stuck in the sand with a dead battery, a dog.Beer Buddy, until then, his goal is to win the smaller elections and to enlarge the trophy collection on his sideboard.Fantastic, Wilders says three times, as if he were his own echo.This is a typical Wilders comparison.And then he demanded that they step down immediately.The reality is more complicated than that, but Wilders prefers to use simple words.This is an abstruse verbal balancing act, but the people of this small, wealthy, liberal country are not troubled by Wilders' outrageous remarks.The representative from the brewers' association is waiting in a sterile conference room in the parliament building."If we had decided against immigration and in favor of older people, we could easily have saved the 4 billion that we're now missing says Wilders.He gives a speech, which is short, probably because there isn't really much to say.Beyers Naudé lezing: Geert Mak, doopsgezinde Vermaning Leeuwarden, Monday, March 18, 2013 at 8:30pm.

Although Balkenende is the Dutch prime minister, Wilders already holds considerable sway over the government.Now that the government has overturned its ban and he is permitted to enter the country once again, Wilders plans to make it a triumphant return.All of these anecdotes are to become part of Wilders' accounting of immigration, and to lead to a convenient number that concentrates people's fears and anger.The country's major parties have also moved to the right since then.11, and after that day many politicians declared that the country was now at war.He has set up a Web site to collect public comments.
Wilders uses expressions like "Moroccan street terrorists" and "the Islamization tsunami" - soundbites that are made for headlines.
The plane lands in London, after the short flight from Amsterdam.

The Fear of Losing Control, wilders is obsessed with the fear of losing control: over his party, his members of parliament, the news and his public image.
In any case, Wilders doesn't come across as the kind of man who could cause the nato secretary general to fear retaliation against Dutch troops in Afghanistan, but rather as a rabbit holed up in its dark burrow.
As a result, he seems to be capable of repelling criticism, such as comparisons to the Nazis, and attacks like drops of water - the Teflon man of Dutch politics.