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Palestinian Media Watch en de reactie van, ma'an.
Ma'an News Agency employs more than 100 journalists, including Muslims, Christians and Jews.Philippa., chief English editor, said: "We have never tried to hide the fact that we cater to a different audience and therefore need to employ a different language.In recent stories, PMW has noted that the Ma'an releases in Arabic include the hate ideology espoused by the terror organizations that deny Israel's right to exist, express reverence for suicide terrorists and justify terrorist murder as "resistance." But when translated into English, zelf puzzle maken the same.Ma'an English: "in the southern Israeli resort of Eilat.".Another interesting difference is that in the Arabic, the brother of the bomber admits to knowing that his brother was leaving on a terror operation.Valt dat onder het 'verschaffen van feiten over de harde realiteit van de bezetting'?All agreed that each language has its own terminology and special meanings, and that Ma'an will not stop using terms such gezondheidscentrum randweg afspraak maken as "martyr "resistance" and equivalent terms, in Arabic.In the English the mother is referred to simply by her name and age: "Ruwaida Siksik,.".Ma'an's editor-in-chief, Nasser Al-Lahham responded to the Israeli accusations as saying that several Israeli journalists object to Ma'an, especially the English version which has begun to spread across the world.In choosing to categorize murder as "resistance Ma'an is choosing the language used by terror organizations to justify murder.Our professionalism is acknowledged and distinguished.The Maan News Service publishes numerous daily announcements in Arabic, which it subsequently translates and releases in English.The coverage is more important than the language.

Ma'an in Arabic: Mother of Shahada-seeker Shahada is martelaar and his wife speak.Verder gaan, deze publicatie is onderdeel van: Minoc Data Services BTW BE-0540.779.552, hosting door Combell: Copyright Minoc Data Services.When Ma'an was established at the beginning of 2005, Ma'an News Agency hosted media experts from all over the world, including Israel, in order to discuss the terminology.He chose Shahada among his enemies and carried out a brave deed and for the first time in occupied Eilat." Ma'an Arabic: "Palestinian resistance men" Ma'an English: "armed Palestinian men" Israeli media watchdog accuses Ma'an of 'sterilizing' their 'hate terminology' in an attempt to please.Hate terminology in Arabic sanitized in English translations by Palestinian news service m#b270207 by Itamar Marcus and Barbara Crook, Feb 27, 2007.The website, which is devoted to monitoring Palestinian media (Palestinian Media Watch) claimed that Ma'an uses "hate ideology espoused by the terror organizations" in its Arabic news, while avoiding this incitement when translated into English.

Ma'an Arabic in first reference: " in Eilat located in the south of occupied Palestine.".