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Game maker multiple views

Here's my trick: Create an object, say, obj_HUD whose only function is to pasfoto maken den bosch rompert draw the HUD.
Does anyone have any idea how to change the port after I start the game?It shoud be the cloakroom voucher ) while ) or ).Previous Page game-maker, hOME, related Links, this code in game maker won't work properly: Is there a way to paint bucket in the Game what can i make with ingredients Maker Room Editor?For information on how views can be set up without code directly from the room editor, please see the section.GameMaker: Studio permits you 8 independent views (numbered from 0 - 7 all of which can be active at any one time, and all of which can show different parts of the same room.How to make a HUD?I have a room which loads resolution preferences out of a file, and I'm trying to set the port of all the rooms to the user's chosen resolution.Section 1 would be a view that follows the player.This problem is starting to give me a headache.Move an object in a direction Changing direction of gravity Pulling out player's position per second in game maker).Views are one of the most important of the display properties that you can manipulate with.
Let's first initialize some variables in the create event: /create event depth -100; width_pane2 150; height_pane2 300; width_pane3 500; height_pane3 120; width_pane4 120; / Set the above values according to your needs.

They are, basically, little windows into your game world that enable you to show the player parts of a room, either scaled or 1:1, and as such they are essential when your game room is larger than the display size.Ah, a problem we all face at some point in game development.Game Maker Studio: DoSet : Invalid comparison type How to make updater for GameMaker Game How do I restart the current room to what it was when the player entered it?If your using Game Maker: Studio you can use the (Draw GUI) event and it will draw above everything but buttons might not with this.View are most likely your best bet.I could use views then just cover up views 2,3 and 4 with sprites or rectangles, but it seems like there should be a more efficient way to do this.I have played around with views and they, of course, are different views of the same "room".
Place one instance in the room.
If the view is a section of the room that the player can see, the port is the area of the screen on which this view is drawn, and as such you can distort and scale the view if it is a size other than.