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How to make a bug zapper

For PNP types, reverse the polarity of the power supply.
This design saves a couple of diodes but requires a centertapped feedback winding on the transformer.This electric insect killer comes equipped with a chain hanger, which makes using it bets to make with a girl an absolute breeze.Due to some unavoidable (at least for these cheap dimmers) interaction between the load and the line, there is some hysteresis with respect to the dimmest setting: It will be necessary to turn up the control a little beyond the point where it turns fully.The frequency of the ultrasound is approximately 80 KHz for this unit with a maximum amplitude of about 460 kortingscode otto mei 2018 VAC RMS (1,300 V p-p) for a 115 VAC input.For convenience, wind the D and F windings bifiler style (the two wires together).I used all the wire on it, to be exact; it all just fit on the little bobbin.Safety Guidelines for High Voltage and/or Line Powered Equipment ".With some, a dimmer can be installed at only one switch location.What you want is an IC called an 'adjustable voltage regulator'.The following is a very basic introduction to the construction of a circuit with appropriate modifications will work for outputs in the range of about.25 to 35 V and currents up.It is typical of the small switchers used in the Panasonic PV28XX, PV48XX, and many other models, their Magnavox clones, as well as other Matsushita manufactured VCRs.When testing, use a variable power supply so you get a feel for how much output voltage is produced for each input voltage.Modify the values of these pair of Rs and Cs for operation at higher or lower frequencies.Make sure the output connections are well insulated.Select the filter capacitor to be at least 10,000 uF per 1000 mA of output current with a voltage rating of at least 2 x Vin.No custom coils or transformers are required.
This order is very important.

If the circuit does not start oscillating, interchange the F winding connections to Q1 and.Observe directions of windings as indicated by the dots (o).What happens with that configuration?The input voltage can range from about 5 to.Just make sure you understand the safety implications before constructing one of these.Make sure you get the polarity correct: The base of the switching transistor should be driven when the driver turns.Power transformer operated low voltage logic supply.Many bug zappers leave insect waste strewn about, while others end up sending them flying outwards as a result of the charge field.
The number of turns were estimated after unsoldering the transformer from the circuit board as follows: * The wire sizes were determined by matching the diameters of the visible ends of the wire for each winding to magnet wire of known windows movie maker file formats AWG.
Vin should be at least.5V greater than Vout.

The fact that they are both about.4 is a total coincidence.