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How to make a cleansing face mask

Optional: 3 drops schuimrubber maken of essential oil (not necessary, but I sometimes use it for an added punch!).
Metal reacts with the minerals in the clay, so always avoid it when preparing your mask.Blend 1/2 of a cucumber with 1 tablespoon of honey and website zichtbaar maken op google 1 teaspoon of bentonite or kaolin clay.Now that we know what all we need, lets make our own Lush Cupcake Mask.Tell us more about it?A green clay mask will suck every single blackhead out of your face!
It should not be runny, as you should be able to plaster it on your face in a thick layer.
Basic Face Mask, use some bentonite clay or kaolin clay and add enough water to make a paste.

Add a little water and mix the mixture well, till it forms a fine paste and one gets desired consistency.4 Let the mixture soak in for 15 minutes before rinsing clean.For more hair mask recipes, including hair masks for curly and oily hair, scroll down.5) Avoid metal, use a wooden or ceramic bowl and spoon.You dont have to wear shower cap over the mask, since youre not trying to lock in any moisture.For dry skin: carrot, vetiver, sandalwood, patchouli.Before putting on your mask, clean your face well.How often should you apply this deep pore cleansing mask?You should not get to the point where your mask gets pale, dry and crumbly on your face.2, add honey to moisturize and lighten your color.
Mix the clay vigorously, and, if needed, add enough liquid to make a thick paste.

Basic Purifying Clay Mask, basic formula that can be changed according to your skin type Ingredients 1 tbsp powdered clay (choose the kind of clay according to your skin type and needs) 1 tsp Chamomile, Lemon vanilla infused oil (or other oil of choice).