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How to make a digital multimeter

The range chosen by the selector knob determines which voltage scale to read.
3 Consider using make online transparent image a "clamp-on" ammeter.Things You'll Need Multimeter.The AC and DC modes are not compatible.By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy.These determine the ranges of magnitude.Locate the "Zero Adjust" knob and rotate it so that the meter indicates "0" (or as close to "0" as possible).Insert the meter in series with the circuit such that it completes the circuit.Consult the meter manual if you're unsure which jacks should be used.As shown in the table below, eight of the pins are data lines (pins 7-14 two are for power and ground (pins 1 and 16 three are used to control the operation of LCD (pins 4-6 and one hoe maak ik een managementsamenvatting is used to adjust the LCD screen.
4 Be wary of any filter capacitors or other elements that require an inrush (surge) current when switched.

By using this service, some information may be shared with.They will be the threaded base and the center of the bottom of the base.Question How would I use this for a potato battery?Just for reference, a typical 100W / 120V light bulb will draw.833 Amps.Note that this position is the "short cadeau persoonlijk circuit" or "zero ohms" indication for this R x 1 range of this meter.The meter may have more than one battery and they may be of different sizes.Terminal 6, enable(EN terminal 7, dB0, terminal.
(There are some Greek characters on there, actually.) Once its explained, however, its easy to read.