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How to make a lava portal in minecraft

Portal construction, so, how to make a portal make up workshop nieuwegein into a city in maynecraft?
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You'll need to find some lava to turn into obsidian.So, if you set out to make in Maynkraftportal to the city, then first you will need to find a settlement (do not forget to arm yourself with a map, compass and stock up with provisions, as it may take a long time to wander).The middle of the portal will glow purple when activated.Don't bother bringing water buckets to the nether, because you can't place it on the ground.That way you can jump back through if you are in danger.The water should be extinguished and an Obsidian block will take its place.You'll need this later to go up your mold.Light the portal with flint and steel until it glows orange, then stand in the center.Rinse and repeat the water bucket trick as necessary.One bucket of water will create one block of obsidian.Use your lava buckets and make the base, 2 blocks side by side.Strongholds can be located using eyes of ender.You can get yourself some coal from a wither skeleton, gunpowder from a chest and some quarts from the ores.Do this again for the other side.

In a few seconds, you'll be in the Nether!Activate the portal, your portal is almost ready.Cobblestone is very useful for protecting your portal because Ghasts cant blow.Locate a lava lake above the bedrock between level 1-10, then pour water over it to create obsidian.For the game day, residents will build a small village, and you can build a portal there.It remains only to activate.Question How do I get a diamond pickaxe?
From Nether, you can get lots of good stuff, including mobs and a Nether fortress (if you find one).