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How to make a modpack on curse

Also fixed very rare player crashes caused by destroying Orbs.
Fixed Azelf, Mesprit and Uxie not obeying the limit on enchanting rubies.
Recipes changed a bit, zelf paneermeel maken brood check the Pixelmon Wiki for updated information!Fixed selected Pokémon changing immediately before battle.Fixed Registeel not being capable of spawning.Fixed a few problems with PCs and parties on servers.Fixed Ash-Greninja not even having Battle Bond.Fixed Boss Mega Pokémon giving air instead of their mega stones.Added Better Spawner support for the spawnLevelsByDistance config option though I've no idea why anyone would want.Rewrote most of the texture handling code.Added the EggHatchEvent event, fired when an egg hatches.
Fixed various textures, such as Patrat, Swinub, Ferrothorn, Doublade, Klefki, and Elgyem.

They would squish us if we tried.(Not really!) * Fixed any error in the Better Spawner causing it to stop spawning until someone uses /spawning beta.Don't worry, Nurse John still has a job.Added "untradeable" option to things like /pokespawn and /pokegive.Fixed cloning machines not being breakable in survival.Fixed JEI compatibility with the battle GUI.Changed the default Spectate key from L to Y so we're not conflicting with Minecraft advancements.
New swords that cause AOE damage.

You lot asked for it so you got.