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How to make a patchwork quilt

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The easiest way of sewing the zelf oordoppen maken watten layers of the quilt together is to stitch the ditch, or sew inside or near the seams you have already created between pieces.Avoid using a cheap thread as it is more likely to break when sewing and give off lint when washed.Youll also need a few scraps of brown for the trunks.You will need many straight and safety pins for sewing a quilt, so stock up on these in particular.If you use a basting spray, lightly mist each layer before adding the next one on top.Next fold over and sew the two ends, mitering the corners.
This ruler will allow you to sandwich your fabric between your cutting board and the ruler to make perfect cuts every time.

Fold over to the front, turn under one inch and pin.(Great minds!) Like this beautiful.When you feel the knot reach the surface of the fabric, tug sharply, and the knot will "pop" into the fabric.Work by starting at one end of your row with two of your squares of fabric.I also have a tutorial for a larger-scale version of this wonky-tree block here.Your quilt will still look lovely even with some minor mistakes.If you had to sew together multiple pieces of fabric to create a single length for the binding, press the seams flat at this point.Also make sure your fabrics are machine washable to avoid dry cleaning bills on such a large item.If you want to be extra cautious, you can use both basting techniques by spraying and pinning your quilt in place.Measure and cut both the batting and backing to be 23 inches (5.17.6 cm) larger than the front piece of your quilt.Use a sewing machine for the easiest quilt; any machine that can make a straight line will do fine!
Order printable fabric online, and then print a picture from your computer with the fabric sheets.

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See wikiHow's Make a Rag Quilt for tips.