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How to make a ventrilo server

how to make a ventrilo server

If you think you can find a better way online by all means look around.
To get started here the main thing you should know is when you press the "Test" button you'll be able to see if your mic works or not.
This will help you out a ton in the very near future so you're not bugging people every time to see if your mic works.
You can also tweak with Hardware input mixer during this part.After letting go of make makeup look natural the key you should hear yourself if it is working) we will start changing some options.After you input all of the required information click Ok to complete label maker font this part.How to install: - First install both of those programs - Then go to C:Program FilesVentSrv and open up ventrilo_i.If you'd like to try getting vent to work and do not have your own server to try out google "Public Ventrilo Servers".Since there can be different problems for everyone there is no point in putting it in paragraph form anymore.Ok, go here and see the category of "server" download : Platform Version.As i said, everyone!Nothing damaging to your computer or anything that can cause irreparable damage so don't be paranoid about that.
I sound fine but other people sound very quiet: Raise your Inbound up a smidge, listening closely after each time to see how loud some people are.
Below is an example of two common type of server name layouts.

Also increase your Rate and Volume levels to see if it fixes your problem.An example of a hostname is:.Instead what I am going to do is give a long list of different problems and let you pick what one is closest to your own.Make sure your Output Device is set to "Default DirectSound Device" and Input Device is set to the same.Setup " on the right side of the Ventrilo window.I don't know further k someone else!Code: Server, name - Name of vent server, phonetic - Name of vent server.I've had to tweak stuff for almost 2hrs before until something finally clicked.
To access to Setup window of Ventrilo where most of our work is going to take place next click ".
Any key will work for right now but when you're playing games set something that feels comfortable.