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How to make a website header

Even though your Ajax responses are created dynamically, and might only be applicable to a single user, they can still be cached.
Think about how the engine twists on acceleration, and shakes while idling.
Some of the other rules also apply to Ajax: Let's look at an example.
One way to avoid accidentally including the same script twice is to implement a script management module in your templating how to make a 2d game in unity system.(An "entity" how to make cloud computing is another word a "component images, scripts, stylesheets, etc.) ETags were added to provide a mechanism for validating entities that is more flexible than the last-modified date.No graphics expertise needed.Reducing the number of unique hostnames reduces the number of DNS lookups.Ico make sure: It's small, preferably under.Your old site can use the time the browser is idle and request images and scripts that will be used by the new site top Reduce the Number of DOM Elements A complex page means more bytes to download and it also means slower DOM.It occurs when a trailing slash is missing from a URL that should otherwise have one.
Uses m, uses m, Amazon uses m and.
The origin server specifies the component's ETag using the ETag response header.

Based on the http specs, GET is meant for retrieving information, so it makes sense (semantically) to use GET when you're only requesting data, as opposed to sending data to be stored server-side.Avoiding DNS lookups cuts response times, but reducing parallel downloads may increase response times.Banner Maker Pro is software that quickly (and easily!) allows you to create what have i done today to make you feel proud web-based banner ads, facebook banners, web buttons, web headers, animated gifs, logos, image ads and other web graphics. .Avoid Empty Image src Image with empty string src attribute occurs more than one will expect.Most web sites gzip their html documents.Top discuss this rule Minify JavaScript and CSS Minification is the practice of removing unnecessary characters from code to reduce its size thereby improving load times.Read the following letter we send to all of our customers.
Akamai Technologies, EdgeCast, or level3.

Firefox 3 and earlier versions behave the same as Safari and Chrome, but version.5 addressed this issue bug 444931 and no longer sends a request.
By using a far future Expires header, you increase the number of components that are cached by the browser and re-used on subsequent page views without sending a single byte over the user's Internet connection.
Many web sites fall in the middle of these metrics.