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How to make an excel spreadsheet with drop down menus

how to make an excel spreadsheet with drop down menus

Step 2: Select, file Info tab, and then click, protect Workbook - Mark as Final.
Google Sheets is a spreadsheet app that lives in the cloud, meaning you never have to download anything, and you can update Sheets from any computer or smartphone.
This is where cell style formatting options live.Recently Used is helpful for bringing up frequently used formulas to save time looking through menus.On the New tab, you can see a number of templates available, which can help you jump straight into making specific types of spreadsheets, like budgets and task lists.Create a new workbook by clicking the New tab on the sidebar.Insert, Page Layout, Formulas, Data, Review, or, view tab to reveal a set of tools unique to each tab.Lets focus on the Table Design tab.Your Views options let you switch between several views.You also need to include calculations that remove different countries tax rates from your cost-based profit margin.First, shrink the size of the chart by clicking the corner of the object and moving it inward.Now this page will show three ways to make an Excel spreadsheet read-only in Office 2016.Plus, with the Paint Bucket icon, you can customize the shading rather than choosing one from the dropdown menu.
Then its read-only and anyone who wants to make changes to it firstly needs to unprotect the Excel spreadsheet with the correct password.

Format this with a standard option, green fill with dark green text.Right-click on the cell to attach something to that row.To extend it and add more items to your to-do list, click a row cadeau voor fotoliefhebbers and then right-click on your mouse and choose Insert: Rows Below.Then reenter the password and click, oK to confirm.Step 1: Create a New Sheet and Name It The main hub in Smartsheet, Home, contains all the sheets you or your organization are working.You can enter and view different formulas for cells here.As with Word, sharing a sheet with Tracked Changes means you can see everything thats been done to the sheet.Each rectangle in the spreadsheet is called a cell, and they are each named according to their column letter and row number.
Step 9: Sort by Country Lets learn about sorting.
Try Smartsheet for a more comprehensive, powerful spreadsheet tool.

Charts, however, are fine to copy and paste into Word, as they are still editable in Excel with their full functionality.