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How to make nigerian coconut rice

Heat a heavy frying pan.
Also parboil the chicken with all the necessary ingredients (Onions, Maggi, Salt, and Kitchen glory beef seasoning add water about five minutes later and allow cooking till it is soft for consumption.
Grind the crayfish(if using) and set aside.
How to make coconut rice, you start by breaking and de-shelling the cocoanut (we dont need the water inside, you can drink it very healthy grate (sort of grind) the coconut with a grater, the idea is to squeeze out the milk from the main.Wash and Cook the chicken/beef with onions and spices to taste.Now to Cook the Coconut Rice.Before you cook your Coconut Rice please do the following:.The low heat is so that your Coconut rice will not burn before the water dries.Now fry and stir the tomatoes for the next 10-15 minutes till it is dried.Ingredients for Nigerian Coconut Rice *500g, parboiled Rice (Heres how to Parboil Rice) *150ml, tomato Stew *100ml, coconut Milk(Heres how to make extract coconut milk from whole coconut) *100 ml Chicken/ Beef stock or plain water *1 medium sized Onion bulb *Ground Crayfish(optional) *2 Stock.Now wash and Parboil the white rice and leave to drain in a colander /sieve.It is important to buy the really matured and sweet cocoanut, it make a whole lot of difference.Filter the squeezed out milk and set aside in a bowl.There are actually different recipe, some dont use tomatoes, I have another recipe in the rice book that is called buttered coconut rice, its to die for.Pour lukewarm water on the shredded pieces and leave for about 45 50mins.Taste, coconut Rice has a taste to die for which it gets from the coconut milk.I hope you enjoy every bit.Break the coconut and remove it from the shell (dispose the shell afterwards you can also drink the water.
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Break it, take a bite, if it is not sweet, start looking again.

Also read: Nigerian Snacks: Their Ingredients and Health Benefits.Of large shrimp on top of the coconut, cover the dish and continue cooking for 10 more minutes.Heres how to make coconut rice.Remove the chicken pieces and put them in a soup hotelovernachting kado pot with the chicken broth.Cook for another 10 to 15 minutes until the chicken is done.If you are looking to prepare this delicious meal but dont know how to do it, here is all you need to know about preparing this delicious rice meal.Nigerian Jollof Rice, it is quite different in aroma and the coconuty taste, isnt what you get with Jollof Rice.
Season, cook and grill your chicken.
So enough of the Chit chat.