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How to make padding

how to make padding

For the background itself, we are using just the gradient tab (the second one) instead of a background color.
Edge Guards Cut your upholstery budget in half by protecting the edges.
Spacing: to move the CTA box from beneath the image, you will make a -30 Top margin and 30 right.Use an simple image of a single subject with a transparent background and use Cover as your size.We will use use a Testimonial module here, as well as text and images to achieve a couple of different overlay effects.Fill out the testimonial authors name and information.They were professional and worked smoothly and efficiently while the members were working out.February 12, 2016, first, my order arrived yesterday and the packaging and taping was complete and bullet-proof.Once again, they are perfectly made.Purchasing, Hialeah Housing Authority Hialeah,.Row 1, now, you will need to add a double-column row with an image module on the left and slider on the right.My customer is thrilled and I just wanted to pass on their and my total satisfaction on a job well done.Image Alignment: Left, always Center Image on Mobile: Yes (just looks so much better, and it retains the upper plank make osrs overlay).Arcade Fitness Jessica B Assistant Director of Fitness and Wellness, University of Albany Albany, NY - Customer Since 2015 July 19, 2017 Hi Colin, Just wanted to send a quick email to let you know how pleasant your guys were yesterday.Olton, England - Customer Since 2016.Add your background image under the third tab.
What you want to do is set the opacity slider down.
I wanted to thank all of you for being such an efficient vendor.

No changes will need to be made to the right one.Slider settings is the Custom Margin under the Design tab.That 60 Padding is where Silent McCroft is sitting in the image above.Thank you for all your help.One of the most underused and underrated features of Divi is the opacity slider.Desktop: -350px Tablet: -100px Smartphone: -50px Thats.Square-edged ones look out of place.They truly did an amazing job.What are some design tricks youve used to make elements interact in new and interesting ways?
The only setting you really need to change for this row is under the Design tab.