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I make you believe

i make you believe

I'm truly amazed at the blessings of the power of wishing and of the universal energies and the wonderful friends who maybelline make remain such a huge part of everything.
In other words, if it's saying you skipped a day, you really did skip a day.
What People Are Saying: i must be kopie van harde schijf maken dreaming wrote: "i can't believe l of my wishes came true!
At this moment, there are only 597 wishes left.Getty "Oh, stop being dramatic, Carl.Je ne crois jamais la météo à la télé.Believe in lichtgevend water maken superstitions believe in universal healthcare believe in who you are believe in yourself believe it any more than fly.Je suis sûr qu'il reviendra comme il l'avait promis.Inclined to believe that (tending towards: opinion) avoir tendance à croire que loc v conj tenté de croire que, être porté à croire que, être enclin à croire que loc adj conj Stan was inclined to believe that Sue had not intended to offend anyone.
Je refuse de croire qu'il s'intéresse uniquement à son argent.

Refuse to believe sth (with object: be unwilling to accept) refuser de croire qch She refused to believe his version of events.I believe, I believe that (I am under the impression that) ( plus soutenu ) j'ai le sentiment que I believe the class begins on Monday.Believe in sth/sb (think real) croire à vi prép Even though she's ten, she still believes in fairies.I believe that it won't rain tomorrow, but I'm not sure.To retract a wish, make an additional wish that is the exact opposite of the initial wish.Wishes can be retracted and as always, be careful what you wish for. .If your wish is sincere, it is highly likely that your wish will come true.

It may take a few hours for google to reflect that deletion but it does the trick.
Je crois qu'il ne pleuvra pas demain, mais je ne suis pas sûr.
Crois-le ou non, je viens juste de gagner à la loterie nationale!