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Japanese makers marks

Trademark / Logo The letters "M.H.T.".
Click here to see large picture 1069.Trademark / Logo The letters "SK" within a circle, within a diamond.Click here to see large picture 1298.They are the characters nichi and HON which together read as etos make up blender Nippon (Japan).Nakamura Trademark Nakajima / Nakajima Seisakusho.
The circles are broken into three segments by three gaps.
Hope Trademark Horikawa Toy Ind.

Click here to see large picture 876.Click here to see large picture 688.The popularity of the tea ceremony from the 15th century fostered an aesthetic appreciation of ceramics, especially imported Chinese wares, which became valued as works of art.This kind of marks can be identified by the mark being applied inside a glaze area looking a bit like a piece of scotch tape.Yoshiya Trademark KOT (in a diamond) Yoshiya / Kobe Yoko Ltd.Masuya Trademark - Example Toys - Army Tank With Pop-Up Soldier Meiho / Meiho Shoji.Usagiya Trademark Toys - Fire Engine waco.Modern Toys / Masutoko.K.Department Stores: Daimaru; Mitsukoshi; Sogo Porcelain lacquer: Chujyo Shoten; Harishin; Koshiishi Shoten; Miyazaki Shoten;.Mark: "Nippon meaning: Japan.All of the above marks are from pieces in my own personal collection.
Trademark / Logo The letters "MKK" in a diamond.

Mid 20th century.