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Make a pinball machine

Then disconnect the switch matrix, CN10 and CN11 from the CPU d rig maken board.
Note any that are not and replace them as needed.
Some targets were more prone to this than others, but even after a good cleaning, the ball would still sometimes just bounce off.
This is most useful in combination with Leon's test ROM for the 2nd generation CPU boards.Pressing the Start button (Switch 9) starts a rolling digits test where the displays will show 87,654,321, then 98,765,432, then 09,876,543, etc.Press and hold the Start button to clear the first four Audits.You may find 20A or 30A fuses where there should be something much smaller, just because the correct fuse blew.With the ball removed and all of the drop target banks reset, you should have nothing displayed in the Ball/Credit display.I don't (yet) know which game corrected.The relay latches on via a runout switch mounted on a cam on the motor, which keeps the motor running until the cam allows the switch to open, disengaging the relay and stopping the motor.Switch Matrix - Connectors to the CPU board.Use the solenoid location page in the manual to verify that all are working.Zaccaria doesn't have a Free Play setting option, so in the game options, you can set the first Replay score to a minimum value like 10,000 points, so the game will always have credits available.This part is hard to find, and expensive to replace.If there is a problem with the switch matrix where multiple switches are being seen closed at the same time, you will be able to see multiple switch numbers flash by on the display very quickly.Power Supply connector CN5 pins 3 and 4 are shown reversed, with CN5 pin 3 (GND) connected to Driver board CN16 pin 2 (5.6VCC and with CN5 pin 4 (5.6VCC) connected to CN16 pin 1 (GND).When running, CPU LED is on, Sound Board LED is off.The displays need high voltage (approximately 170VDC but the rest punch maken zonder alcohol of the boards only need 5V, -5V, 12V, and Ground.By working through all possible switches (0.63 you can prove that the board is working, so any switch problems found must be on the playfield.

Leon's Test eprom and Driver and Sound Board Test Fixtures.Use the switch matrix chart ( Games and Documentation ) and/or the playfield switch location chart in the game's manual to verify that all playfield, coin door, and cabinet switches register correctly.If you are especially paranoid, you can verify that the transformer is putting out correct voltages.If these two switches are accidently shorted together (like if somebody trys to adjust the switch gap with the power on the result will be a dead 3081.For testing, put a logic probe on TP8.If any are missing, you should be able to get replacments at a local hardware store.Warning: Failure to install the resistor in series will instantly blow the TDA1510 amplifier.You will see the 5A line fuse, in addition to the settings for the supported input voltages (100V, 115V, 200V, 220V, 245V).Using a diode and a test lead, it is possible to enter the game diagnostics, and advance through the display test, solenoid test, lamp test, switch test, and sound board tests.
Press the Advance switch again to get to the Switch Matrix test 2).

OS/2 mame.36 Beta 7 source code (Requires GCC/pgcc, AR, LD, emxbind, and make utilities mAME.02 - Windows CE (handheld) mAME CE Site mAME CE source code, note: you must have the Windows CE Toolkit for Visual Studio to compile mamece.
Press Advance again to get to the Solenoids test 4).