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Make noun

Study the rule and supply each item of the rule with examples from the list of words given below.
Phrasal Verbs Example Alternative The lift has broken down.
C) Basis bases, crisis crises, analysis analyses, synthesis syntheses, emphasis emphases, oasis oases, hypothesis hypotheses, diagnosis diagnoses, thesis theses.Non-Count Nouns, chinese mie maken non-count nouns, also called collective nouns, have no plural form because they are assumed to be plural.The future can be formed in various ways, some of which have been mentioned under the past and present tenses.Brenda was in a pensive mood.The Connerys are planning to buy a bigger house.The apostrophe is not used with pronouns - its, yours, ours.Paramount means of the highest rank or importance.It is important to understand and recognize compound nouns.Common Noun Proper Noun man Tom aircraft Tiger Moth religion Christianity entertainers The Beatles nation England In English, the days of the week and the months are capitalised, but the seasons (winter, spring, summer and autumn) are not.With compound nouns made of noun noun the second noun takes an -s for plural.In modern English the singular form of a noun is unmarked (zero ending).Using which without a comma, however, is also correct: The report which is most relevant is in the book.However, certain nouns have irregular plurals which do not behave in this standard way and, even though most irregular plurals follow a pattern, there are always exceptions to watch out for.If she is used in a document to refer to both genders, this should be made clear.She put off the meeting.The subject tells us who or what the sentence is about, and the predicate tells us about the subject.

The phrasal verbs, shown in bold, differ in meaning from the literal form of the verb.Ken Ward's Writing Pages, writing: Parts of Speech, main Page: Writing Contents.We might say: I spent the weekend studying film.And we cannot substitute however for and.For instance, fish make up spiegel is uncountable when used to refer to food, but is countable when we think of a number of individual fish, when its plural is fish or fishes.The phrase formed by a preposition is an adverbial phrase, or an adjectival phrase.Piano pianos; cello cellos proper names.g.

Close to Keep close to the shore.