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Make sense vertaling

make sense vertaling

I also appreciated her kindness and interactive video maker wonderful sense of humour.
For example, if you make a success of something, you do it successfully, and if you make a mess of something, you do it very badly.6 If you make like you are doing something, you act as if you are doing it, and if you make like someone, you act as if you are that person.David faisait toujours rigoler ses amis avec son sens de l'humour.For example, the expression to make sense' is explained at sense'.Voir plus d'exemples de traduction Anglais-Français en contexte pour sense of humour.If you make as if to do something or make to do something, you behave in a way that makes it seem that you are just about to.Not everyone shares your sense of humour.1 verb, you can use make with a wide range of nouns to indicate that someone performs an action or says something.David was always entertaining his friends with his sense of humour.
In cricket, if a player makes a particular number of runs, they score that number of runs.
She described the Complainant as having a really good sense of humour.

Make 1 ( kingslize pizza korting makes 3rd person present ) ( making present participle ) ( made past tense past participle ) (carrying OUT AN action make is used in a large number of expressions which are explained under other words thanksgiving gifts ideas in this dictionary.Written Mary made as if to protest, then hesitated.To make do phrase make inflects, oft PHR with.V amount 5 If you make dowith something, you use or have it instead of something else that you do not have, although it is not as good.Apparently he made a mess of his audition.V n 2 verb, you can use make with certain nouns to indicate that someone does something well or badly.