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Make your picture 3d

It can be faster with more people, if you're working together on enough snowflakes to decorate a room.
If cadeau uitje you want a more appealing look use glue dots, or glue sticks.
A facebook backup maken clear spray-on lacquer or finish could work.
Question Can I use A4 color paper?Be careful when you pull them apart.Question What is the best way to preserve these giant snowflakes?If the shades pop out easily, this would make a good durable option.Turn it so that one of the points of the square faces you.If a 3D screen or image contains any colors besides red and cyan, these glasses will not help you.It won't make.
If you want to "jazz up" your snowflakes, put liquid glitter on the snowflake along various recept rookworst maken parts of the paper lines.
Things You'll Need Plastic glasses, poster board, or sturdy paper Transparency sheet, cellophane, or acetate Scissors Sticky tape Blue and red permanent markers Article Summary X To make your own 3D glasses, start by cutting out a frame from poster board or stiff card.

Anaglyph glasses are the oldest form of 3D image technology.Answer this question Flag.5 4, tape the lenses over the eye holes.Even numbers (6, 8, 10) look best because the snowflake is symmetric.Use permanent markers to color one side of each lens.Be careful using scissors.