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Music that makes dogs happy

music that makes dogs happy

Everybody just thinks hes the most handsome dog!
Mum will always get up for me if I need an emergency toilet break at 2am.Hello, Henry wanted us to make a will to send you an e-mail saying thank you very much for the lovely Christmas card.We assume that he was a Puppy Mill puppy but we dont know for sure.Oh well, its one more thing to learn but Im sure Ill get used.He enjoys going to the local ballpark to play fetch and always looks forward to playing with the other dogs there.Love, Reilly AKA zoom.
Thanks, Gidget and Family, balto came to us from Animal Rescue early in March.

The crew decided to adopt him, now hes doing so much more!They love to get my toys out and play with.All the neighbours love her, and she doesnt lichtgevend water maken seem to mind the neighbourhood cats and tually she puts them in their place real fast with that mighty bark of hers!I know its long overdue but I have been having so much fun with my new mom and dad and big brother Bosco.I wasnt too happy with the lyrics and so at the last minute changed them when we were in the studio recording it as part of our Man Bites Man.I reluctantly put Godhopping as the last track.There was a gown but my dad and mom decided not to go there, good decision!

Rex (AKA Sampson) Kayla, Julie Nathan Here is Ruby.
 Hes the weak link in this house!