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Many WeChat Official Accounts (the equivalent of Facebook Pages for Wechat) started linking their blogs with WeChat stores in order to generate sales from e-commerce.
You can click on Setting/General/Language to change the WeChat language to Chinese.In-App Payment You can integrate WeChat Pay or Alipay on your Apps.There are two main cases when it comes to applying for WeChat Payment : Local WeChat Payment : you already have a company registered in mainland China and can accept payments in RMB Cross-border WeChat Payment : Create a WeChat cross-border payment account that connects.WeChat Payment (cross-border payment ).To take a point of comparison: PayPal represents as of today about 44 tuinhuis deur maken of Ebays revenues.Company WeChat Pay account will settle the payment in a companys bank account.For Australian merchants, the rate is usually between.5-2.You will have two options to create a WeChat Cross-border Payment account.However, they can be limited to certain countries and currencies.So overall, the rate might event be cheaper in some countries.Setting up WeChat cross-border payment for custom websites Custom implementations are more complex as WeChat Cross-border Payment requires more effort as the WeChat payment API is complex and documentation exists only in Chinese (you can find it here ) WalktheChat provides a SDK to simplify.

This account will let your customers to pay in RMB using WeChat Pay, and the payment will be able to settle in your overseas bank account.Each payment partner has different geographical and currency coverage.This will activate your WeChat Wallet.It means you wont need an IT team to integrate your shop with agencys payment API Cons: Agencies will charge a small premium on top of the WeChat Pay rate.Moreover, Alipays margin was about 30, higher than PayPals.Mini-program payments Mini-program Payments are triggered if users try to purchase items or services online via a WeChat Mini-program (an App built within the WeChat ecosystem).How to apply for WeChat Payment (as a company)?Now you have successfully linked your bank card with WeChat!If you're a Cardholder and have questions regarding the website: If you're an Agency and have questions regarding the website: Consumer Complaint.