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Institut Giacometti one realizes that one still has a lot to learn: a true delight!
I spent two hours there, visiting the museum, the apartment and studio of Suzanne Valadon and Maurice Utrillo, the beautiful exhibition Van Dongen and also strolling in the multiple nooks of the gardens.Further on the right one notices a couple of hives hidden in the old wood of 8 rue Cortot which is today an ecological reserve of the City of Paris planted with trees and where only cats have access.One can see paintings of landscapes of the Butte in the 19th century, covered with gardens, vineyard and windmills; or souvenirs of the cabarets whose history cannot be separated from the one of Montmartre: Le Chat Noir, Le Lapin Agile or Le Moulin Rouge.Musee de Montmartre The Renoir Gardens at the back.Rick Seaney, january 14, 2019January 11, 2019, read More.The Tourism Authority of Thailand reached out to me about their zelf placemat maken yearly campaign Amazing Thailand Womens.A perfect replica of the artists workshop has been built in its genuine exceptional location on top of the second building of the museum.It reminds the old Montmartre and offers a striking contrast with the recent buildings of northern Paris in the background.There one can enjoy a drink in an atmosphere evoking the impressionists period: a pond with water lilies; table, chairs and sunshade of the Café Renoir; and even a swing hanged up in the precise spot where Auguste Renoir painted his masterpiece: La balançoire,.The studio is bright and peaceful, with a unique and authentic atmosphere thanks to all the period furniture and objets exhibited -including a genuine Almanach des Postes of 1925.

Musee de Montmartre Path leading to the wild part of the gardens.The works exhibited tell the history of Montmartre.Musee de Montmartre Paris Le Chat Noir Theatre d ombres.And although Montmartre may be the most touristic area of Paris this street and the museum itself remain rather off the beaten track and not too crowdy.One thought one knew everything about the sculptor whose works are so familiar.Among my favourites: Fernande Olivier (the portrait on the exhibitions poster Deux cadeau voor schoonbroer Yeux; and in the last room, Femme allongée and La promeneuse.These leaders have motivated their teams to improve performance by an average.
Not easy to photograph I let you discover it during your visit!
I arrived from Luton Airport to Victoria Station then caught the tube.

Musee de Montmartre-The Renoir Gardens in front of the 12 Cortot.
One stay there and contemplates past and present, countryside and urbanization.