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Zombie make up anleitung

Make it look like your eye sockets have shrunken in about an inch.
If you are going for the 100 year old zombie effect, you should try not to wear modern clothes.We use cookies to make wikiHow great.Zombies are slow, stiff, dim-witted, can't talk well, if kortingscode zwerfkei at all, and crave human flesh.This will give your "blood" a deeper, more realistic red.Advertisement, dies ist ein Tutorial, wie man Zombie Make-up.
Just try to get as creative as possible.

Add cream-coloured make up to make it appear as if your skin is peeling away.Das dunkle Krustenblut eignet sich how do you make irish coffee besser bei Tageslicht, das helle bei Dunkelheit.A video that goes through steps on how kortingscode loekie to look like a zombie.Do not use pancake syrup, which can make the blood go a bit gold.Mischen Sie gleiche Teile A B der Silikon-Gläser (DO NOT cross contaminate!Question How do I look like a zombie without any equipment?